COVID-19 pandemic cancels Honor Flight 2020 Season

The national Honor Flight Board has extended the suspension of all Honor Flight travel through the remainder of calendar year 2020. Please note that this mandate includes trips of all sizes, destination and duration. Failure to abide by the trip suspension mandate will result in immediate and irrevocable discharge of the Hub from the Honor Flight Network.

Meredith Rosenbeck, CEO Honor Flight Network

A Veteran's Day messsage from our Honor Flight Bay Area President

The HFBA President, Carl Stewart - USNR, gives thanks to our Veterans.

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Veterans' Voices of Contra Costa

Join us as we discuss Honor Flights, exploring the purpose, tradition, and meaning behind them.

Hosted by Nathan D. Johnson.

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Honor Flight - Veterans go to Washington D.C.

The trip of a lifetime for a small group of veterans from WWII, the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Excerpt from the article: "I have taught Travel Marketing and Hospitality at University, lectured all over the world, write a travel blog, contribute to travel magazines and have been President of several Travel Organizations but this time, I am writing about a very unique trip which my husband, a Lt. Colonel (retired) in the U.S. Marine Corp recently took along with other special people, United States Military veterans from various services"....

By: Maureen Jones (

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Bay Area Veterans Honored With Flights To D.C. Memorials

Excerpt from the article:
The Iwo Jima memorial will mean a lot to Joseph Manfrey, since he helped forces land on those beaches.
“I had a few friends — Marines — they were lost. Makes you sad. There’s never getting over that, is there? No,” he said.

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Dick Abbott with article with Los Altos Town Crier

Excerpt from the article:
Los Altos resident Richard Abbott didn’t have much choice when it came to serving in World War II.
“My father was a Navy man,” said Abbott, 92. “It was either getting drafted or joining the Navy, so I joined the Navy.”

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Dick Gomer with article with Gilroy Dispatch

Excerpt from the article:
Richard ‘Dick’ Gomer, 86, boarded a plane in San Francisco yesterday, April 16, with 24 other veterans of World War II, the Korean War and other conflicts, all made possible by donations to Honor Flight and its year-old San Jose chapter, Honor Flight Bay Area.

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KSBW: Local veterans visit national war memorial

KTVU Segement: World War II vets take honor flight to Washington

Excerpt from the article:
SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU and wires) – William Abbott was a bit emotional Thursday as he prepared to board a honor flight to Washington to visit the World War II Memorial.
As a young man, the Pleasanton native walked into the U.S. Navy recruiting office in San Francisco and volunteered for service.

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KSBW: Central Coast WWII vets depart for mission to DC